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Welcome to Soo Star's little Webpage!

tenko.ch has a new home and changed providers.

~ Soo Star ~ Sunday, 26st Aug 2012 00:25 CET

Updated the Profile / Likes Section with the latest AniDB MyList export. Due to the new submenu, I've begun refactoring the layout for the profile page. Once more it doesn't work in IE as well as in FF, so IE users have to experience a little warped dimensions in the footer area xD

~ Soo Star ~ Sunday, 21st Nov 2010 16:18 CET


~ Soo Star ~ Thursday, 24th Sep 2009 19:31 CET

www.tenko.ch and its subs moved to a new provider. After long consideration of the financial impact of my "at-home hosting" on the electricity bill, I came to the conclusion that having it hosted externally is less suboptimal ...so enjoy a significantly faster tenko :)
This came mainly thanks to a co-worker~ (mzu winz). With this "SHANA-CHAN" (AMD Duron 1.3 GHz w/ 1GB SD-RAM) which served at first soostar.mine.nu, later tenko.ch without a break for over 6 years will be shut down for good

~ Soo Star ~ Saturday, 08th Aug 2009 23:36 CET

Tenko's FormGen™ now requires a login now so its naught to introduce it here, just mentioning it. It's just another project for school.

~ Soo Star ~ Monday, 04th May 2009 22:36 CET


~ Soo Star ~ Monday, 15th December 2008 22:45 CET

...I know it's gotten old...
Afrika Bambaataa - Freestyle / youtube

~ Soo Star ~ Friday, 31st October 2008 21:34 CET

The Unsorted Gallery [v1.0] (http://stuff.tenko.ch) has been completed.

Check it out~ ^^ ..it's dynamically listing the picture folder content.. whew! [v1.0] has 586 lines of PHP & HTML.

~ Soo Star ~ Monday, 30rd June 2008 23:18 CET

After nearly 5 months of downtime, I'm happy to announce soostar.mine.nu is back online.

It has at some points been redone at its core, since it didn't work anymore with PHP 5.2.6.. but Ayumi's stylishness remained ;)
I've switched to IIS 6 in a Windows Server 2003 environment to have some asp.NET applications running.

~ Soo Star ~ Friday, 23rd May 2008 22:36 CET

Added some more people to the friends page~

Last checkups done before finally turning this in to the teachers.

~ Soo Star ~ Thursday, 03rd January 2008 20:15 CET

Updated the " anime-list ".

Fixed some minor errors throughout the entire webpage.

Wasn't all that hard since I already had the page fully validated HTML4.0/Transitional.
Now it's even better~! (To me atleast^^)

Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional and Valid CSS!

~ Soo Star ~ Thursday, 27th December 2007 11:10 CET

IE got owned~

This page is best viewed in Firefox under a 1280x1024 resolution!

~ Soo Star ~ Wednesday, 19th December 2007 20:30 CET

1st News Entry~!

~ Soo Star ~ Friday, 7th December 2007 11:22 CET
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