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» Ayumi

  • Nickname: Ayu, Keehli, Kit, Aki
  • Real name: Ayumi Nagakura
  • Birthday: 02.04.1985
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: Japanese
  • Location: Germany (mostly)

  • Games played: Pristontale, Ragnarok Online, Tantra, Archlord, Cabal Online, Lineage II
  • Active game: none atm

  • Drinks: coka cola, coffee, any kind of milk drinks, water, orange juice^^
  • Sweets: chocolate with hazelnut
  • Music: Electro, Industrial & Gothic (i.e. Zombie-Girl)
  • Outfit: Modern & Goth (depend on mood)
  • Other: Prefers the window seat on airplanes

  • Chocolate with alcohol inside
  • Spiders (coz of the hairy long legs)
  • People who rarely find the way to the bathroom

    Does your name have a meaning?
    Quote of herself: Yes, my name has a meaning of "walk". When my parents named me, they hoped I could walk my own way.

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